Multi Part Rooflights

The 'Right' Multi Part Rooflights

The 'Right' multi part rooflight can help control energy costs and provide the “WOW” factor. 


Multi Part Rooflights

The 'Right' Multi Part Rooflights can create a more comfortable working environment for employees, which helps improve productivity. they create that 'clean environment' feeling and help maintain internal temperatures at comfortable levels.

Multi Part Rooflights are increasingly popular and provide the highest standards of safety and security. as the residential and commercial world strive to reduce their impact on the planet, Multi Part Rooflights not only enable us to comply with ever changing regulations but also offer chance to improve the environment where we live or work.

For Your Multi Part Rooflight Needs
Multi-panel fixed rooflights being installed

Pitched Multi Part Rooflights

Pitched Multi Part Rooflights can provide another solution to your glazing needs, they can have all the features of our flat versions, with the additional flexibility to be used on pitched roofs to give extra height into your room.

In addition to ridge rooflights, the system can also work as an eaves rooflight with vertical sections or indeed as a full glass “up and over” link.

They are ideal for: pitched roofs, eaves and vertical solutions along with glazed links between different buildings....whatever your project needs, we are here to help as your trusted advisors.

For Your Pitched Multi Part Rooflights Needs

Flat Multi Part Rooflights

Flat Multi Part Rooflights help to provide natural light to a space (in certain configurations they can reduce energy loss normally associated with glass) while, at the same time, providing excellent superb aesthetics and styling to your project. we can offer raked edges and multiple shapes, giving you the flexibility to realise your dreams.

At Next Generation Rooflights we ensure they are designed to offer style, quality, reliability, security and weather sealing. as standard our uk manufactured rooflights use solar control, argon filled double glazed units. triple glazed units are also available. multi part rooflights are available as self install and can be supplied as fixed units or with integrated manual/electrically operated ventilation sections. the electric versions have a smart wall switch enabling remote use via your smartphone.

They are ideal for: featured spaces, atriums, extensions, side returns, kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms and more.  we can use silicone joints between smaller panes or if the span is larger, 50mm wide PPC steel rafter supports or even low iron glass fins.


For Your Flat Multi Part Rooflights Needs
Full Glass Link Up and Over Exterior