Opening Rooflights

A fantastic solution providing natural light and ventilation

Opening Rooflights present a fantastic solution to bring both natural light and ventilation into your space. 

Why Choose An Opening Rooflight Instead Of A Fixed Rooflight

Unlike a Fixed Rooflight or Fixed Window, Opening Rooflights and Roof Windows have the added benefit of allowing natural ventilation in your home or workplace.

Because you can control the how much they open (and thus airflow) the environment inside is in your hands, so to speak. Manual versions come with an elegant chrome and black winding pole, while our Electric Opening Rooflights (Windows) come with a wall switch as standard.

Additional for Electric Opening products there are a range of additional control options for your convenience including remote control wireless key-fob, rain sensor, combined wind/rain sensor and thermostat.

Opening Rooflights are suitable for all nominally flat roof constructions and coverings e.g. Single Ply PVC, Fiberglass, lead, copper, zinc and other standing seams and asphaltic material (they are also suitable for Green / Sedum Roofs).

For specific product data view our Opening Rooflight Data Sheet

Opening Rooflight Data Sheet
An Opening Rooflight Allowing Natural Light and Ventilation In

Opening Rooflight Options

Manually Opening Rooflight Allowing Natural Ventilation In

Manually Opening Rooflights

Add more natural light and ventilation to your space

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An Opening Rooflight Allowing Natural Light and Ventilation In

Electrically Opening Rooflights 

Improve your environment and help your wellbeing and mental health

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Opening Rooflight Benefits

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Gain More Light

Whether you’ve decided to utilise an attic or your loft you can gain more light in your home or workplace

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Add Another Dimension

Opening Rooflights provide the tangible benefits of fresh air and natural ventilation

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Highlight Design Features

Create a bright and open environment to accentuate space and the unique qualities within

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