Rooflights & architectural glazing requires specialist care to avoid damaging it, read our helpful guide on maintenance.

Rooflights & architectural glazing requires specialist care to avoid damaging it.

When it comes to the exterior of our glazing, most of us will be using a commercial window cleaning firm who are well-versed in cleaning all types of modern architectural and structural glazing.

However, most of us will be the ones cleaning and caring for our glazing on the interior side. And then there are always those occasions where we may need to clean exterior glazing in-between visits from our professional cleaner.

So, what’s the best way to retain that beautiful, crystal clear view?

Simple tips

Follow these simple tips - it’s easier than you think

  • Avoid cleaning tinted or coated architectural glazing in direct sunlight if possible as excessive heat prevents the removal of dirt and the cleaning fluid causing them to bond and stick
  • Apply a clean water and mild soap solution before the cleaning fluid to loosen any dirt and always use a non-abrasive cloth or squeegee
  • Use a mild, non-abrasive window cleaning solution
  • Clean glazing from top to bottom
  • NEVER use razor blades, scrapers of any kind, abrasive solutions or abrasive cleaning implements on coated glazing as this will damage the coating
  • Don’t allow dirt or debris to build up – especially on rooflights
  • Always begin by rinsing off excess dirt and debris
  • Use a separate cloth or squeegee to finish to avoid streaking

Then you will retain that vision and keep your glazing looking as beautiful as the day it was installed for years to come.


Further care & maintenance

For full details and further information about caring and maintaining all elements of your rooflight and structural glazing, you can download our comprehensive Operations & Maintenance Guide below.

Download O&M Guide