Access Hatch Rooflights

Access to your roof space

An elegant rooflight that provides an unobstructed outside view and maintenance access to your roofspace.

Why Choose An Access Hatch Rooflight

When you need maintenance access to your roof space, Access Hatch Rooflights are the ideal for solution that will also provide natural light and ventilation into your space.

Available with either Manual or Electric Opening mechanisms they are perfect for occasional Access to Roof area.

Access Hatch Rooflights are suitable for all nominally flat roof constructions and coverings e.g. Single Ply PVC, Fiberglass, lead, copper, zinc and other standing seams and asphaltic material (they are also suitable for Green / Sedum Roofs).

For specific product data view our Access Hatch Rooflight Data Sheet

Access Hatch Rooflight Data Sheet
A access hatch rooflight being expertly installed

Access Hatch Rooflight Options

Manual access hatch rooflight being installed

Access Hatch Rooflight Manual Opening

For safe, access to to your roof space when you need it

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Eletrical access hatch rooflight fully open

Access Hatch Rooflight Electric Opening

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Access Hatch Rooflight Benefits

Image of a plan and diagram

Dual Functionality

The benefits of an Opening Rooflight but with access to your roof space

Image of a sun shining

Practical Elegance

An elegant rooflight with practicality of opening fully

Image of air gently blowing

Access & Ventilation

Electric Access Hatch Rooflights can also be partially opened for ventilation

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