Environmental matters

Because the environment truly does matter, we are looking into all the various ways we can improve see further details below about the steps we are taking.

We care about our environment and want to do all we can to protect and preserve it as best we can as a company, from now and over the coming years we are looking into all the various ways we can do this.

By trying to use as many recycled materials as we can, sourced as locally as possible, moving across to an EV fleet of vehicles by 2025 and off-setting our carbon emissions too, please see further details below.

What are we doing to make a difference?

As well as making our rooflights as energy efficient as possible with improved thermal values and promoting triple glazing as standard, we are carrying out an assessment on our company’s operating procedures to work out our carbon footprint. 

Once calculated, our objectives are:

  • Engaging in a plan to be able to pinpoint the carbon hotspots within our business and develop a net zero carbon reduction plan. 
  • Enhance our reputation with customers and stakeholders, by showing that we are leading in our sector regarding environmental sustainability.
  • Strive to be certified as a carbon neutral organisation, whilst supporting global UN-verified environmental and social projects aligned to our Sustainable Development Goals.

We have already engaged with a number of companies to assist us with our aspirations, and hope to be fully engaged with planters in the coming months to offset our business operating carbon footprint.

Our journey into supporting the fight against climate change has really only just begun, but we are determined to help make a difference, in the hope that others will soon follow our lead.

Environmental flowers in a meadow

Our efforts to fight climate change

Reforestation and conservation are critical components in the fight against climate change. In collaboration with our tree planting partners, we aim to and will help to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests. The partners that we support will achieve this by employing local people across many different countries to plant millions of trees every year, supported by companies who share our values and aspirations. 

As we explore the world of the fight against climate change, we have found some really interesting projects to support, from planting fruit trees in Malawi to the Seagrass in the shallow, sheltered areas along our coast in Dale Bay in Pembrokeshire.

We will be planting a number of trees per employee, per month as well as between 10 & 20 trees per product sold, so our contribution will be sustainable financially and over the years. The net effect will actually allow us to surpass the be net zero target and become a carbon positive company.


Aiming high & constantly striving to do whatever we can

We have found a lot of contradicting information out there and various values for the imbedded carbon in the primary products that we use, glass & aluminium, so it will take us some time to formulate an embedded carbon calculator for our rooflights, but we are determined to get there.

The one thing that we can be sure of though, is that we all need to do something, so the sooner we start getting additional trees in the ground, the sooner we can tackle the climate change problem that our Next Generation will inherit if we do nothing, or keep putting off our actions.  

If it takes one large tree 40 years to absorb 1 tonne of CO2, we can be in no doubt that we need to start supporting this now. Engaging with us for your rooflight project/s means that as well as buying the highest performing, fully tested rooflight on the market in terms of its resistance to air & water infiltration, you too will be making a direct difference to the environment.

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