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Elevate Your Commercial Project with Custom-Designed Rooflights

Our bespoke commercial rooflights are tailored to fit the unique architectural nuances of your office, commercial, or public space project. Our rooflights are not just installations; they are statements of excellence and individuality. The ideal solution for natural light for your project.

Every commercial project is unique, and so are our rooflights. We always work closely with architects and contractors to help create rooflights that deliver your vision. Whether you're looking for sleek, modern aesthetics or classic elegance, our team ensures a seamless integration with your commercial project.

Infinite Possibilities for Infinite Spaces

Whether you're envisioning a stylish feature rooflight or a structural glass box that floods your space with an abundance of light, we specialise in turning your ideas into reality. Our complete flexibility ensures that your every need is not just met but exceeded.

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Stunning Bespoke Rooflight Installation

Designed for the Demands of Commercial Projects

Our rooflights are the height of form meeting function. They are designed to enhance design, ensure energy efficiency, and meet the strictest building regulations. We cater to the most intricate demands of commercial projects.

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Seamless Integration with Your Project Vision

We understand that every project has its character. That's why our team works diligently to create rooflights that blend with your design. Our commitment to quality means delivering your product, on time and to specification that is not only functional but also enhances your build.

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Consult with Your Trusted Advisor

Have a unique requirement? Our trusted advisors are ready to help you. Get in touch with us now you can call us on 01223 792244 or alternatively pop us an email via and let us help with your commercial project. Next Generation Rooflights - bespoke rooflights designed to enhance your commercial project.

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Commercial Solutions

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3D Triangular Multi-Panel Rooflight

We designed, supplied & installed a free spanning self-supporting 3D triangular rooflight, to replace a more traditional rooflight that was supported by secondary steel.

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Large Structural Atria Glazing

We were able to create a structural atria glazing for a large open central communal point of a key building that enhanced the feeling of space and brought a unique design feature to the project.

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Bespoke Rooflight Glass Box With Abundance of Light

Glass Boxes

Solutions for when you need seamless glass structure

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The Met Building Sliding Rooflight Slightly Open Showing Room Entrance

And Much More

Have a unique pitch, ridge, hip or valley, up against walls, wrap around chimney, need glass beams, obscurity, anti reflective, switchable or heated glass…you get the picture

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Commercial Rooflight Benefits

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Made To Fit Perfectly

Get a truly bespoke Commercial rooflight solution that suits your needs perfectly

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Infinite Range of Options

Our team are able to design, manufacture & deliver exactly what you desire

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