Our first manual sliding rooflight installed - cost effective and ideal for Succah

No need for a crane

Because it was not possible to use a crane, and the client wanted a simple low cost solution. We manufactured and installed a bespoke manual "slide over roof" sliding rooflight (2000mm x 1800mm), this allowed us to give the client a roof terrace with phenomenal views over London. 

As the client advised us "...no other option would have worked so well technically and in terms of drainage and weather proofing..." , our bespoke manual sliding rooflight allowed the building work on the roof to be much easier as the rooflight worked well with the existing structure. 

Additionally we designed and built the rooflight within budget and schedule, as well as always friendly being available for discussion. We planned the delivery and installation for this a difficult site - a fourth storey roof that was 15 metres tall with limited scaffolding.

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